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ADALMIINA (E.S. 6-16-30)

(Hybrid: 40% Vitis Labrusca, 30% Vitis Vinifera, 10% Vitis Riparia)




  • Medium size tender berries. Very juicy and sweet.
  • Medium clusters 
  • Hardy to zone 4a (can be grown in zone 3a. Must be covered with thick layer of snow during winter)
  • Vine is very vigorous and productive
  • Very disease resistant
  • Great table grape
  • Created by Elmer Swenson




Hybridized by Elmer Swenson
Crossing: E.S. 2-3-17 (flower) with E.S. 35 (pollen)
Origin: Osceola, Wisconsin (USA)



When this variety was made public only its “technical” name E.S. 6-16-30 was used. In the mid-1990s, Meeri Saario, a horticulturist at the University of Helsinki (Finland) brought this variety to Finland. She cultivated it and was allowed to give it the official name of Adalmiina (Finnish Female Name)


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