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1 year old plants in 2″x2″x4″ pots



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PIONNIER (E.S. 4-7-25)

(Hybrid contains: Vitis Vinifera 38.5%, Vitis Labrusca 22.4%, Vitis Rupestris 10.2% Vitis Riparia 8.6%)




  • Medium spherical berries
  • Aromas of Saskatoon berry and Strawberry
  • Small to medium conical and compact to moderately compact cluster
  • Hardy to zone 4b (-32 ° C)
  • Very vigorous vine
  • Ideal to eat fresh and/or make an excellent juice





  • Bred by Elmer Swenson
  • Cross between E.S. 2-12-27 (Swenson Red X E.S. 5-14) (flower) X St Cross (pollen)
  • Origin: Osceola, Wisconsin (USA)




This grape is another one of Elmer Swenson’s hybrid. The name “Pionnier” is only used in Quebec and is not an official name.



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