The perfect solution to fight weeds that compete with your plants for nutrients and water from the soil.


COCONUT BIODISCS made of Compressed coconut fibers with a latex coating on one side (Latex is a natural adhesive produced by Heveas (rubber trees))

  • Product life: 2-3 years (depending on soil conditions). Biodegrades itself after those 2-3 years and nurtures the soil with with organic material
  • 100% Natural. Approved for biologic agriculture by Ecocert Canada
  • pH Neutral (5.5 – 6.5). Ideal for vine
  • Quick and easy to install. (Pre-cut circle with a star-shaped hole in the center)
  • Fertilizer may be put on top or underneath the biodisc
  • Put the smooth side (with latex) of the biodisc facing the ground