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1 year old plants in 2″x2″x4″ pots



Cultivar not covered by the Vignes Chez Soi guarantee (see warranty policy)


FREDONIA (Gladwin 15)

(Hybrid: contains Vitis Labrusca Vitis Vinifera)


Non hardy variety in Quebec* (requires winter protection)





  • Sweet, spicy flavor (very Concord like)
  • Medium to large berries
  • Slipskin
  • Berries have a thick skin that resists bunch rot and attacks by bees
  • Medium sized clusters occasionally wide, cylindrical and compact
  • Ripens mid-season
  • Hardiness zone: 6a (-23 °C)
  • Medium vigorous vine
  • Ideal for making juice or eat fresh. Primarily used for table and juice production. Berries are firm; a good shipper. Also used for jelly and wine
  • Self-fertile grape variety




  • Hybrid FF. GLADWIN for the New York State Experimental Agricultural Experiment Hybridization Program
  • Cross: Champion (flower) X Lucille (pollen)
  • Cross made in 1915
  • Released in 1927 by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York (USA)
  • Origin: Fredonia State of New York (USA), Cornell University, State of New York (USA)




Once mature, the entire cluster ripens at once!

This variety is often called “Early Concord” meaning that it has characteristics very similar to the famous Concord but ripens earlier than the Concord.



WARNING! This grape variety is not hardy in regions which hardiness zone is above 5 (ex: 4, 3 etc…). Therefore it is imperative to protect the vine in winter (Ex: Cover with geotextile …)

No guarantee offered on non hardy varieties.


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