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HIMROD (NY 15310)



Non hardy variety in Quebec* (requires winter protection)




  • Excellent taste of honey, melting and juicy texture. A delicious grape
  • Medium-sized golden/amber berries
  • Medium size clusters
  • Hardiness zone: 5a (-23 ° C)
  • Ripens mid-season
  • Ideal to eat fresh or make juice can only be used for wine
  • One of the hardiest seedless green variety amongst the”non-hardy” cultivars
  • Disease resistant
  • Vigorous vine that supports large clusters
  • Responds well to cane girdling and gibberellic acid treatments in order to increase the size of the berries and make the clusters more compact
  • It is the most successful table grape released from the Cornell University grape breeding program (1952)



** Although recognized as a seedless variety, like any seedless variety, seeds might occasionally appear in years when the vine has been “stressed”




  • Bred as part of the Hybridization Program of the New York State Experimental Agricultural Station in Geneva
  • Cross: Ontario (flower) X Thompson seedless (aka Sultanina) (pollen)
  • Released in 1952 by the New York State Experimental Station in Geneva, New York (USA)
  • Origin: Geneva, Cornell University, New York State (USA)



*WARNING! This grape variety is not hardy in regions which hardiness zone is above 5 (ex: 4, 3 etc…). Therefore it is imperative to protect the vine in winter (Ex: Cover with geotextile …)

No guarantee offered on non hardy varieties.


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