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PETITE JEWEL (E.S. 3-20-36)

(Hybrid: contains Vitis Labrusca, Vitis Riparia, Vitis Vinifera)


Non hardy variety in Quebec* (requires winter protection)




  • Small seedless round berry with a rich, spicy flavor
  • Non slipskin
  • Small to medium conical and uniform in color clusters
  • Hardy to zone 5a (-23C)
  • Ripens early
  • Very good resistance to diseases
  • Moderate vigor
  • Excellent table grape
  • Self-fertile grape variety


** Although recognized as a seedless variety, like any seedless variety, seeds might occasionally appear in years when the vine has been “stressed”





  • Bred by Elmer Swenson
  • Cross: MN 78 (flower) X Canadice (pollen)
  • Selected in 1984
  • Released in 2000
  • Origin: Osceola, Wisconsin (USA)




Petite Jewel Trollhaugen and Swenson Red – 3 grape varieties offered by Vignes Chez Soi – are “half-sisters” on their mom’s side!

In fact, all three varieties have a maternal ascendant, the MN78 (flower) fertilized, in the case of Petite Jewel by the pollen of the “dad” Canadice (also 1 grape variety offered by Vignes Chez Soi)


*WARNING! This grape variety is not hardy in regions which hardiness zone is above 5 (ex: 4, 3 etc…). Therefore it is imperative to protect the vine in winter (Ex: Cover with geotextile …)


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