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1 year old plants in plugs 1,5″x1,5″x4″



Cultivar not covered by the Vignes Chez Soi warranty (see warranty policy)





Non hardy variety in Quebec* (requires winter protection)




  • Pink-pinkish to red berries when fully ripe
  • Medium-sized spherical or slightly oval berries
  • Strong aromas of muscat
  • Cylindrical cluster of small to medium size more or less compact
  • Productive and vigorous vine
  • Hardy up to -25° C (zone 5b)
  • Self-fertile grape variety




  • Cross was made in Germany by Dr. Georg Scheu
  • Cross: Gewürztraminer X Madeleine Angevine (confirmed in 2012 by the publication of the DNA analysis). This version, however, was denied by Dr. Scheu’s own son, Heinz Scheu, who allegedly stated in a book that the Siegerrebe was in fact the result of a spontaneous (natural) cross of Madeleine Angevine with the pollen of another species.)
  • Cross made in 1929
  • Origin: Alzey, Rheinhessen, Germany




In English Siegerrebe translates as “the winning vine”!


*WARNING! This grape variety is not hardy in regions which hardiness zone is above 5 (ex: 3, 4 etc…). Therefore it is imperative to protect the vine in winter (Ex: Cover with geotextile …)

No guarantee offered on non hardy varieties.


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