1-11 $8.00

12-49 $5.25

50-100 $3.50

For orders >100 plants please contact us


N.B: As of September 1st, 2017 all orders will be treated as pre-orders for May 2018.


Red seedless table grape

Very sweet, delicious “strawberry”-like flavor

Berries are medium size, firm, juicy, crispy

Early ripening (mid August)

Very cold-hardy (zone 3) in temperature as cold as -35⁰C

Highly resistant to winter cold without protection

Very disease-resistant

Self pollinating

Good for fresh eating and making jelly or juice

Great commercial potential

The earliest, sweetest, hardiest and highest quality red seedless grape available.


As of the 28th of May 2018 plants will be shipped every mondays, reception is 2-3 working days later.


Very early rinpening: mid August, end of august

Mid season: mid september in zone 5, end of september zone4

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