Somerset (3b)

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SOMERSET (ES.12-7-98)

(Hybrid: contains Vitis Labrusca, Vitis Riparia, Vitis Vinifera, + small amounts of other species of different Vitis from North America)




  • Very sweet and spicy, with irresistible strawberry flavors
  • Small to medium-sized seedless berries, firm, juicy, crispy
  • Semi-adherent skin (semi-crunchy berries)
  • Early ripening (mid August)
  • Very cold-hardy (zone 3) in temperature as cold as -35⁰C
  • Highly resistant to winter cold without protection
  • Very disease-resistant
  • Self pollinating
  • Good for fresh eating and making jelly or juice
  • Unquestionably one of the most popular grape varieties of recent years.
    Very good commercial potential.
  • The earliest, sweetest, hardiest and highest quality red seedless grape available.



* Although recognized as a seedless variety, like any seedless variety, seeds might occasionally appear in years when the vine has been “stressed”





  • Bred by Elmer Swenson
  • Cross: E.S. 5-3-64 (flower) X Petite Jewel (pollen)
  • Released in 2002
  • Origin: Osceola, Wisconsin (USA)



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Very early ripening: mid August, end of august

Mid season: mid september in zone 5, end of september zone4

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