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1 year old plants in plugs 1,5″x1,5″x4″



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Non hardy variety in Quebec* (requires winter protection)




  • Very sweet taste
  • Oval berries
  • Vibrant blue-purple color
  • Hardiness Zone 5b (-25 ° C)
  • Ripens mid-season
  • Fruits preserve well for several months/Good storage potential
  • Great to be eaten fresh and use for jelly, juice and excellent for making grape pies
  • Variety very popular in the Niagara region of Ontario (can be found in grocery stores in Fall)
  • Very similar to Concord but seedless



** Although recognized as a seedless variety, like any seedless variety, seeds might occasionally appear in years when the vine has been “stressed”




  • Bred as part of the Plant Breeding Program; the project was directed by Lyall Denby
  • Cross: Black Patricia (flower) X Himrod (pollen)
  • Cross made in 1966
  • Selected in 1971
  • Released during the 1970’s
  • Origin: Agriculture Canada’s Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre in Summerland British Columbia Canada




In 2007, an estimated 2.2 million kilograms of Coronation grapes were produced in Ontario.

In 2008 they were the most abundantly grown seedless table grape in southern Ontario.



*WARNING! This grape variety is not hardy in regions which hardiness zone is above 5 (ex: 4, 3 etc…). Therefore it is imperative to protect the vine in winter (Ex: Cover with geotextile …)

No guarantee offered on non hardy varieties.


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