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1 year old plants in 2″x2″x4″ pots



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(Hybrid: contains Vitis Labrusca, Vitis Riparia)




  • Large berries of golden-white color with thick skin and firmer flesh than its parent Edelweiss
  • Berries with very intense floral aromas, which does not develop the foxiness of its parent Edelweiss
  • Clusters are medium to wide and loose
  • Very hardy.  Resists -35 °C without any protection
  • Hardy to zone 4b
  • Vigorous vine
  • Resistant to most diseases of the vine
  • Self-fertile grape variety




  • Bred by Elmer Swenson
  • Cross: Edelweiss (flower) X E.S.442 (pollen)
  • Selected in 1988
  • Released in 1994
  • Origin: Osceola, Wisconsin (USA)




Lon Rombough (famous American winemaker, author of The Grape Grower) recounts that he had sent cuttings of a selection of grape plants to one of his friends in Colorado for testing. The latter having accepted a job in a nursery at Boulder planted some of these cuttings.


One day, a journalist specialized in horticulture visiting the nursery, tasted one of the grapes from one of these vines, and fell in love with it.

Seeing on the label attached to the plant, the name ‘Swenson White’ she named the variety this way in her article published in the magazine “Horticulture”. Having no idea that, in fact, the label was a shorthand for “One of Swenson’s white cultivar” (“Swenson/White”). Once the name was printed in a national magazine, it became an “official name”.



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