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VALIANT (SD 7121 or S.D. 72S15)

(Hybrid: contains Vitis Labrusca and Vitis Riparia)





  • Small dark blue, very juicy and sweet round slipskin berries
  • Sweet and tangy flavor with no trace of tartness
  • Small and compact clusters
  • Extremely hardy, up to Zone 3 (possibly 2b)
  • Probably the hardiest grape variety currently available. Probably the hardiest of all grapes (Has withstood -45° C in Manitoba, Canada without being harmed)
  • Ripens early (late August early September)
  • Vine very vigorous and productive
  • Perfect to eat fresh, produces an excellent juice, and perfect to make jellies and jams
  • Self-fertile grape variety




  • Bred by R.M. Peterson for the South Dakota State University Hybridization Program
  • Cross: Fredonia (flower) X S.D. 9-39 (pollen) (wild Vitis riparia vine)
  • Cross made in 1967
  • Selected in 1972
  • Tested in 1982
  • Origin: Brookings, South Dakota (United States)




Valiant is apparently a very hardy variety. It would have sustained -50 ° F (-45.5 ° C) in Manitoba, Canada, without being injured by these extreme temperatures.



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