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Lorsque Caroline Fontaine fonde Vignes Chez Soi en 2010, elle n’a alors qu’un seul but en tête: amener le raisin de table Québécois, jusque là parfaitement inconnu du grand public, directement dans les jardins, les cours, les patios et les terrasses du plus grand nombre, et faire en sorte que la popularité des différents cépages Québécois se retrouve au même niveau que celle des pommes, bleuets et fraises du Québec!

Up until then, very few Quebecers had heard about tasty grapes that would grow in their own backyard with NO need for protection during the long harsh winters of Quebec. From now on, Caroline would be Quebec table grape’s ambassador and she would devote all her energy to promote it so that, soon enough, it becomes as popular as Quebec apples, blueberries and strawberries!

And it worked! Today, Vignes Chez Soi's cultivars grow everywhere in our great country: from Chicoutimi to Sherbrooke all the way up to Tadoussac and as far as Magdalen Islands and of course right in downtown Montreal.. and it’s only the beginning! The word is spreading faster than expected: today our grapes grow in Ontario, Saskatchewan , New Brunswick, Alberta... EVERYWHERE in Canada!

Our mission will be completely fulfilled once Mexico and Chile’s grapes that can nowadays be found in our grocery stores will be replaced by OUR very own grapes that grow in our OWN vineyards all across CANADA!

Somerset, Trollhaugen, Brianna, will soon be as popular as McIntosh, Cortland and Empires…


« Suivez-nous et contribuez VOUS AUSSI à cette belle aventure!

Ensembles portons fièrement les couleurs de NOTRE raisin! »


Caroline Fontaine

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